What is Thermodynamics and what are objectives of studying thermodynamics ?

Thermodynamics is the study of energy and its transformation. Most studies of thermodynamics are primarily concerned with two forms of energy – heat and work. Thermodynamics study includes quantitative analysis of machine and processes for transformation of energy and between work and heat. In classical thermodynamics a macroscopic viewpoint is taken regarding such matters. The term thermodynamics was first introduced by Lord Kelvin in 1849. The term comes from the Greek words therme (heat) and dynamics (power).

Objectives of studying thermodynamics

  •           Improvement of efficiency processes.
  •           Making the processes more non-polluting and environmental friendly.
  •           Study and research regarding alternative energy sources or transformation methods.

What is Thermodynamics
There is a difference between Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. Heat Transfers deal with the rate of transformation of energy from one form to another. But Thermodynamics studies the equilibrium condition and change of that equilibrium condition to another equilibrium condition. 


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