Casting - The basic steps of casting and its applications

What is Casting : 

Casting is one of the most ancient processes of manufacturing metallic components. Also with few exceptions  it is the first step of manufacturing metallic components.

The Basic steps of casting 

1.       Melting the metal.
2.       Pouring it into a previously made mould or cavity which conforms to the shape of the desired component.
3.       Allowing the molten metal to cool and solidify in the mould.
4.       Removing the solidified component from the mould, cleaning it and subjecting it to further treatment, if necessary.     

Applications of casting process :

(a)    automobile engine blocks, cylinder blocks of automobile
(b)   airplane engines, pistons’ and piston rings,
(c)    Machine tool beds and frames, mill rolls,
(d)   Water supply and sewer pipes, sanitary fittings and agricultural parts etc.



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