Advantages and Disadvantages of Submerged Arc Welding

Advantages of Submerged Arc Welding

1. Molten flux provides very suitable conditions for high current to flow. Great intensities of heat can be generated and kept concentrated to weld thicker sections with deep penetrations.

2. Because of high heat concentration, considerably higher welding speeds can be caused.

3. Because of high heat concentration and high welding speeds weld distortion is much less.

4. High metal deposition rates cane be achieved. Single pass welds can be made in thick plates with normal equipment.

5. Welding is carried out without sparks, smoke, flash or spatter.

6. Weld metal deposit possesses uniformity, good ductility, corrosion resistance and good impact strenght.

7. Very neat appearance and smooth weld shapes can be got.

8. The submerged process can be used for welding in exposed areas with relatively high winds.

9. Practically, no edge preparation is necessary for materials under 12 mm in thickness.

Disadvantages of Submerged Arc Welding

1. Since the operator cannot see the welding being carried out, he cannot judge the progress of welding accurately. Therefore accessories like jigs and fixtures, pointers, light beam focusing devices or roller guides may be used for proper welding at the joint.

2. The flux needs replacing of the same on the joint which is not always possible.

3. The progress is limited to welding in flat position and on the metal more than 4.8 mm thick. In small thicknesses burn through is likely to occur.

4. The process requires edge preparation and accurate fit up on the joint. Otherwise the flux may spill through the gap and arc may burn the workpiece edges.

5. Flux is subjected to contamination that may cause weld porosity.

6. Weld metal chemistry is difficult to control. A change in welding variables especially when using alloyed fluxes may affect weld metal composition adversely.

7. Cast iron, Al alloys, Mg alloys, Pb and Zn cannot be welded by this process.

submerged arc welding

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