Renewable Energy Sources - Graphical Presentation

 What are renewable energy sources ? 

Renewable Energy Sources refers to the sources which are not at risk of being finished. They are replaced naturally. At present times it seems that the use of renewable sources are inevitable because the non - renewable energy sources are getting scarce. The non-renewables like coal, crude oil. nuclear sources, natural gas, wood fuels, shale oil are almost on the verge of getting totally finished. So power industries are now looking for the utilization of the renewables. At present 16% of the world's total energy supply comes from renewable sources.

Renewable energy sources list

The main sources for renewable energy are 

  • Solar Energy (Photovoltaic Cells , PV)
  • Wind energy 
  • Ocean Energy (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion , OTEC and Wave energy)
  • Tidal energy 
  • Geothermal Energy 
  • Hydraulic Energy sources 
  • Energy from Biomass etc . 
Here is a Graphical representation of the energy sources.

Renewable Energy Sources Graphical Representation

Characteristic Features of Renewable Energy Resources-

I will like to give some information about the most used renewable sources


Biomass generation is- Micro power also known as on-site generation and distributed generation. It is also known as small-scale generation and it has the ability to self-generation, etc. By using biomass plants we can get a cleaner environment. 
 The New concpet of Tri-generation could potentially bring a lot of  benefits to many remote village areas . Rural scale tri-generation is based on gasification of different crop residues. Use of micro turbines for CHP can be proved very beneficial for the economic developments and meeting power requirements.  

Other Renewables

In a report by Shell Renewables, a part of one of the world’s largest oil companies — When we will reach the year 2050,  half of the world's energy consumption will come from solar and other renewable sources. 
Every year, we get an equivalent of 19 trillion toe (tons of oil equivalent) from the Sun's radiation. A fraction of this energy will be able to satisfy the world’s energy consumption which is  around 9 billion toe per year.


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  2. Biomass will re-grow over a relatively in short period of time when we compare it with fossil fuels to form.



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