Solar pond pump-features of solar fountain pump

What is a solar pond pump?

A solar pond pump takes the solar energy from a PV or Photovoltaic panel. Sometimes these pumps are designed as a fountain and sometimes called the solar fountain pump.
A solar powered pond pump can be a great alternative to the conventional pumps. And eventually in the long run it will save the expenses. For the perfect functioning of solar pumps the solar panel should be placed in a location which gets decent sun light.

The size and standard of the solar panel defines the power collected from the solar powered pond pumps. In most cases the power output is moderates and not suitable for big projects. And these devices will not work after sunset. But sometimes they have batteries which keep them running for some hours. 
These are some links where you will find some good solar pumps:

The conventional pumps are very much cheap compared to the solar pumps and solar panels. So if you have electricity then conventional mains pumps are the best choice. But I must say if you make the perfect calculations then you will find that solar powered fountain pump is an affordable option. So is it possible to get cheap pond pumps? The answer is yes and no! If you consider the initial cost of the solar pump and solar panel then you will find it very expensive. But when you will compare this cost with the cost of wiring, power lines and most importantly time spent then you will find that solar powered fountain pump is quite affordable with a reasonable price. Solar pond pump works better when the sun is shining the most and certainly you need more water flow when the sun is very hot. So it is reasonable to use solar pumps. 

solar pond pump

Features of a solar pond pump


  • No running cost
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Great for use in remote areas.
  • Perfect for fountains.
  • Very little noise.
  • No environmental pollution.
  • This setup can be used as a dehumidifier when used in indoors.
  • Very little maintenance needed.
  • Solar pond pump has a relatively long life.


  • Power output is low. Water flow rate is also low in solar pond pumps. 
  • Solar pond fountain is not suitable for large projects.
  • Cloudy days can cause less power output.
  • Expensive.
  • Very few companies produce solar pond pump. So the options are limited.
  • Cannot be used during night time without battery support.

Features of solar fountain pump

Sometimes the solar panel includes the design of the fountain. So the fountain must be placed in a sunny place. It ensures enough sunlight to fall on the panel.
In some cases the panel and fountain is in separate locations. A cord is used to join the two. As long as the panel is getting enough sunlight the fountain can be place anywhere.

Finally I can say that this fountain pumps have their pros and cons. But in the long run these can be proved very beneficial. Here’s a demo of solar pond pump

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