TIG Welding Basics

The History of TIG Welding 

Russel Meredith applied for a patent for TIG or GTAW in 1941. He is most credible for the invention of TIG welding. The main application of TIG or GTAW is found in effective welding of light aircraft. MIG welding of GMAW was invented before TIG welding but light aircrfat welding needed more reliable welding as well as more fusion power and TIG welding is very appropriate for this purpose.  
Actually What is TIG Welding ? 

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding is also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). 
TIG welding or GTAW is a arc welding process which uses non-consumable electrodes which is actually a tungsten stick. This welding process also needs a filler metal. This process is conducted under the shield of an inert gas which can be helium of argon gas. 

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TIG Welding Basics 

TIG welding basics

How to TIG (GTAW) weld?

It is the most complex welding process. Like every other welding process TIG needs to keep a certain distance between electrode and job. Both hands are needed to be used in this process. But in GMAW the welder only needs to use only one hand. To strike the arc, high frequency generator is used to create the spark. Generally the spark needs 1.3-3.0 mm from the parent material. There is a alternative to the high frequency arc generation which is the scratch start method. This method posses some demerits. One of them is contamination of the workpiece or job. When a solid arc is present and the distance between the electrode and parent metal is good, the welder have to circle the electrode gently to cause a weld pool to form and filler metal should be added at this time. The welding torch should be kept at an angle about 15 degrees with the metal. Filler material should be added manually and the weld pool should be moved at a constant rate. Please have a look at the video. 


What are the benefites of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) over Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)? 

  • TIG Welding is much more clean then MIG welding. 
  • TIG fuses better than MIG. 
  • Accurate Welding with very small tolerances can be done. 
  • Aeronautical industry uses this method very frequently. 
  • TIG can be  used in Aluminum Welding 
It is also to be mentioned that TIG welding is a slower process than MIG welding. But TIG is better in respect of accuracy. 


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