Different Miller TIG Welder Models

Welding is an art. There are different types of welding methods. TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas Welding is technique for great welded joints. TIG or Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) needs some great craftsmanship to master. And for this reason we need some decent welding machine from a renowned company. Miller TIG Welder is great when it comes to weld an accurate and clean weld.

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Miller TIG welder classification

Miller TIG Welder Categories 

Miller Electric provides great TIG welding equipment for avid welder. You and your co-workers will find it great after using some products from Miller Welds. And I also have to mention that the units are very much suitable for the beginners as well as professionals. Miller TIG welder setup is easy, price is reasonable and all the products are durable. They provide mainly two broad classes of welders. 

1. All metals welder including aluminum (AC/DC) which involves 
  • Diversion Miller TIG welder series 
  • Dynasty series 
  • Syncrowave series 
2. Steel Alloys (DC only). It includes 
  • Maxstar series 

Diversion Miller TIG welder series

Diversions series is mainly designed for the personal use. Its features include - 
  • Low cost
  • Ease of setup and 
  • A total welding package 
  • Great for personal use 
  • Automobile and motorsports
  • Aviation technology  
  • 4x4 / Off road 

Dynasty Model Series 

  • Great for Professional use
  • Advanced AC/DC TIG welder suitable for all metals. 
  • Mobile design 
  • Compact and less energy consumption 
  • Improved travel moving speed 
  • Optimum arc and puddle 
  • Great for Fabrication 
  • Maintenance and repair 
  • manufacturing 

Syncrowave series 

  • Great for light industrial application 
  • Suitable for personal use 

Maxstar Series 

  • Advanced TIG technique for steel alloys using DC. 
  • Productivity is improved 
  • Compact and mobile design. 
  • Great ease of arc control 
  • Electrical energy savings 
  • Construction and manufacturing . 
  • Fabrication and maintenance. 
  • Repair work. 

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All Miller TIG welder manual is available. After buying the product they provide great services. So I will suggest to buy Miller products as a mechanical engineer. 


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