Miller BOBCAT 250 EFI Engine Drive Welder / Generator Review

Miller BOBCAT 250 EFI Rugged welder / generator is a very good equipment for Stick as well as Flux-Cored Welding. It can be used  for construction and maintenance /repair operations. It is quitter. There is improvement on the sound level. So there is significant improvement in the jobsite communication as a result a safer and more efficient working environment is guaranteed.

Miller bobcat 250 EFI welder review
Miller bobcat 250 EFI

Miller BOBCAT 250 EFI Engine Drive Welder / Generator Review (907502)

Features : 
  1. Less fuel consumption (upto 27 % less)
  2. 33 % Less sound. 
  3. EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection produces better performance and less operation cost, longer functioning time and less emission than carburetor versions. 
  4. Easy maintenance because of new and improved design. Oil can be checked from the front panel. It has single side oil fill and drain system. 
  5. 5" shorter and 55 lb lighter than the previous models. Takes less space. 
Review : In this article I am talking about the fuel injection model. The carburetor model is almost the same in operation. This is a great machine for portable welding and even for hobby welding. It is a commercial level thing. It is a multipurpose welder. It can run as a power source for constant current and constant voltage application . Stick, MIG, TIG, Flux cored anything can be used. TIG torch can be attached very easily to the welding lead. It does have a switch right on the front side which gives you TIG, Stick. It also has AC and you can run your 6011 easily on the AC. Both 225 and 250 and EFI all come with the AC mode. It also has a wire positive and negative line. Flux cored or wire both can be used. And all those things can be controlled from one machine. It has a nob for selecting the current range (40 - 130 amp). And then there is the nob to fine tune the current again. Miller has a great job! On the front side there are some flaps. Underneath them you will find connection for your work and electrode. It has 220 output with a 50 amp breaker on it. It has four sockets for regular 120 Volts. Plasma cutters can be added to this. So this is a full functioning completely portable welding machine from this one power source!  It got a little table on the front underneath the door which work as a reference or cheat-sheet for the newbies. On the top Electronic Fuel Injection module cycle. When it is turned on the lights on the top is on which is metering device or fuel gauge. The light will go off if you have any problem. Fuel injection module has start, run/idle and run options. After run option is applied it shows the hours that are remaining for the next fuel change. Once the oil is changed you can reset the module. On the carburetor versions their is a chock nob instead of this EFI module.  On the bottom there is the induction fan for air intake which is actually blown out of the top.  The exhaust line is a short one but it is very quiet. There is a fuel meter on the side. The fuel tank should not full to the brim for some reason. But it actually gives a great run time. The finish is really awesome. The main engine opening door is quiet easy to open. There is a top door for checking the air cleaner, oil filter and oil level indicator. On the back there is the battery. It is cheaper than the Lincoln welders and it has EFI so you will definitely save $500 if you buy this ! It produces 12000 Watts power. When You want to have highest generating power make sure that the fine adjustment nob is set to 10. You will have the ability to weld and run the generator at the exact same time.
Some notes on EFI :    EFI gives the super ease of starting (Really awesome !!). When not welding no fuel is wasted. When welding starts the EFI automatically starts functioning. It saves a lot of power. See the video below it will understand it ! 

Miller BOBCAT 250 EFI Engine Drive Welder Improvements 

  • The engine is rotated towards the front side for getting adequate air flow efficiently. 
  • Quitter operation is possible. As a result of this improvement the system can be started early, can be functioning all day long without polluting the sound. 
  • Can be used for structural construction work, repair, maintenance and fabrication purpose with great ease. 
  • Supports Stick Welding SMAW, Flux Cored (FCAW), GMAW or MIG, TIG or GTAW (DC or Non - Critical AC), Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A), Cutting and Gouging (Model 250 only, 3/16 carbons) , Air Plasma Cutting etc. 
  • Can be used in extreme conditions. Heavy internal leads are available for durability. 
  • Great cooling technology is present for max. performance. 
  • Super tough armor is attached for the safety of the welder and prevents accidents. 
  • It is heavy duty and versatile.

Bobcat Specs 

bobcat 250 specs

Miller BOBCAT 250 EFI Engine Driven Welder Questions and Answers 

  • Whats the Miller Bobcat 250 Weight ? ans : 501 lbs 
  • How Bobcat 250 is powered ? Diesel / Gasoline ? ans : Gasoline 
  • What kind of motor is used in Miller BOBCAT 250 EFI ? ans : 23 HP Kohler . 
  • Does bobcat 250 has any cons ? Ans : It needs to be bundled with some more  specific welding kits. 
  • What is the price of Miller bobcat 250 EFI ? ans : $4,000.00 - $4,495.00 
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