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Automobile engineering is an indispensable part of Mechanical Engineering. Many mechanical engineering students study this discipline only get themselves acquainted with this subject. Most of the students choose Mechanical Engineering to get themselves familiar with the mechanism of automobile. Automobile Engineering Books are must for those students. Proper guidance from teachers is of course one of  the main requirements to get yourself ready to become an automotive engineer. But you also need a good book which will take you to the peak of the knowledge. In these days it is not possible for a teacher to give you all the knowledge which is required to call yourself an expert on that respective subject. It is because of the shortness of time and other limitations. Mechanical Engineering is a vast subject and Automobile engineering is one of the biggest rivers that goes and meets the huge ocean of Mechanical Engineering. So you need a great automobile engineering book to achieve the ability to swim on that river. In this article we will discuss about the best books for automobile engineering.

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Best Automobile Engineering Books for Mechanical Engineers 

In market there are a number of books related to automobile engineering. A single book of the subject will not quench your thirst about automotive engineering. On the other hand you don't have that much time to go through all the books!  So your question will be which is best book for automobile engineering or What are the best automobile engineering books ? As I said earlier automobile engineering is a very complex discipline of study. As a student of mechanical engineer you would like to choose automotive engineering as a major subject but at the same time you have to keep in mind that it can make your life very difficult ! Students have that passion to understand the complicated and sophisticated engine designs and working principles. At first they feel great passion for the topic but end of the day few students get success studying automobiles. So you definitely need some real passion. I assume that you have that passion and enthusiasm about the automotive vehicles. Now you need some great automobile engineering books continue your quest.

What are the best books to study automobile engineering

Many books are available . I am going to discuss about all the good books. But if you are a student then before you choose a book you should have a good idea about your University syllabus. For research work you have to go through a number of books. The names of the book that I am going to give will be good enough for research and thesis. So lets know about the books for automobile engineers. 

Automotive Mechanics by Crouse and Anglin: 

A classic book. Has been around for a number of years. Attractive and important diagrams are available so it would be great if you buy a multicolored addition. Again I want to add that this book is not for all people. Buy this book if you want to be a real automobile engineer. It is an amazing book and many people will agree with me. Buy the new addition which includes all the latest data. It is great for beginners and students. This books is a great reference book. It will provide you information about all the parts of a car. It also covers the safety of the workshop and discusses the tools. The language is simple and includes a automotive dictionary. 

Theory of Ground Vehicles by J.Y. Young 

Great text and reference book for both educational and professional purposes. Discusses about the fundamentals of performance, handling as well as design of the ground vehicles. Authors have done a great job explaining and using mathematical formulas. It is a great resource for automotive engineers as it contains many plots and visuals along with many other overwhelming information. If you want to make yourself expert in a specific topic then this books will provide you with vast information.   

Fundamentals of vehicle dynamics by Thomas D. Gillespie 

If you are not from mechanical engineering background but you love automobile then this book is great for you. You just have to know some basic physics and you are ready to go. Automobile engineers give this book a high rating because it provides an easy understanding. Most of the topics are covered with equal importance. The only annoying thing that comes into my mind while going through this book is the units used. It is not in S.I unit or metric unit. It uses English-system for measurement. A meticulous yet easy book for understanding the dynamics and performance including sample problems and solutions. This is one of the best seller automotive engineering books. 

Internal combustion engines fundamentals by John Heywood 

Not a best automobile engineering book but it is sometimes called the bible of internal combustion engines. All the answers of questions starting with why, how is present in this book. It has theories and mathematics. But this book doesn't discuss about the high speed SI and turbo diesel engines. The book discusses everything with very much details so sometimes you have to skip some pages to keep your enthusiasm intact. 

At this moment I have these books in my mind for studying automobile engineering. If you have some more books in your knowledge the you can share and help students and professionals to find the best automobile engineering books



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