Best Mechanical Engineering Books PDF Format for Students

The purpose of this article is to create a list of mechanical engineering books for the core courses of Mechanical Engineering. There are a number of books available for the meticulous study of Mechanical Engineering subjects. If we were able to study all the books of ME core courses then it would have been great ! But sadly it is not possible. And most of the times it is not possible to buy all the books of all subjects. But students can be benefited if they collect  1-2 books (hardcopy) for every subject and collect the other mechanical engineering books pdf format (soft copy). There are many sites which sell the pdf copy of books for mechanical engineers. I always suggest to collect those books in an authentic way. But if anyone wants to know about any book, then feel free to contact me through the contact form (I have a great collection of books in pdf format). Along with ME books we will discuss about some Industrial and Production Engineering books which are an integral part of mechanical engineering course.

Mechanical Engineering Books PDF

Best Mechanical Engineering Books PDF Format for Undergrad students

The core Mechanical Engineering courses with best books are - 

Mechanical Engineering Drawing books 

  • Engineering Drawing and Design by David A. Madsen and David P. Madsen. 
  • Engineering Drawing by Basant Agarwal and C M Agarwal 

Basic Mechanical Engineering or Introduction to Mechanical Engineering : ( Scroll down you will find a special part for the books of this subject )

Basic Thermodynamics books 

  • Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach by Younus A. Cengel and Micheal A. Boles (Best mechanical engineering book (pdf is also available) for thermodynamics ) 
  • Engineering Thermodynamics by Rogers 
  • Basic and Applied Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag 
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics by Michael J. Moran and Howard N. Shapiro 

Engineering or Vector Mechanics books

  • Vector Mechanics for Engineers statics and dynamics by Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russel Johnston . (One of the best Mechanics books) The solution of this book is also available. 
  • 800 solved problems in Vector Mechanics for Engineers (Vol 1) by Joseph Shelley
  • 700 solved problems in Vector Mechanics for Engineers (Vol 2) by Joseph Shelley  

Mechanics of Solids or Strength of Materials books

  • History of Strength of Materials by Timshenko 
  • Strength of Materials by Singer (one of the best mechanical engineering books - pdf available for solid mechanics)
  • Mechanics of Materials by Beer Johnston 
  • Strength of Materials and Structures by Case, Chilver and Ross 
  • Engineering Mechanics of Solids by Popov 

Numerical Analysis books

  • Numerical Methods for Engineers by Steven Chapra. (Recommended book for numerical analysis) 
  • Numeric Methods for Scientists and Engineers by R.W. Hamming.
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Numerical Analysis by Parviz Moin

Heat Transfer books 

  • Heat and Mass Transfer an Engineering Approach by Cengel 
  • Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by Incorpera, DeWitt, Lavine, Bergman 
  • Heat Transfer by J.P. Holman 
  • Introduction to Heat Transfer by Vedat Arpaci , Shu-hsin - Kao , Ahmet Selamet
  • Principles of Heat Transfer by Keith, Manglik, Bone  
Cengel, Incorpera and Holman's books are best Mechanical books for Heat Trasfer study

Fluid Mechanics books

  • Mechanics of fluids by Irving Shames 
  • Fluid Mechanics - Frank M. White 
  • Fundamentals of fluid Mechanics by Bruce R. Munson, Wade W. Huebsch, Alric P. Rothmayer. 
  • Fluid Mechanics by Cengel and Kimbala 

Machine Design books 

  • Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design 
  • A text book of Machine Design by R.S Khurmi and J.K Gupta
  • The Mechanical Design Process by David G. Ullman 
  • Design of Machinery - An introduction to synthesis analysis of mechanisms and machines by- Robert L. Norton 
There are a lot of handbook available for Machine Design -
  • Standard Handbook of Machine Design by Shigley 
Most of the times handbooks are provided by the university. 

Mechanics of Machinery books

  • Theory of Machines by R.S Khurmi and J.K. Gupta 
  • Mechanics of Machines : elementary theory and example : John Hannah and Richmond Courtney Stephens  
  • Mechanics of Machines advanced theory and examples : John Hannah and Richmond Courtney Stephens  

Instrumentation and Measurement books 

  • Theory and Design of Mechanical Measurements by Richard S. Figliola 
  • Instrumentation for Process Measurement and Control by Norman A. Anderson 

Internal Combustion Engines books

  • Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals by John Heywood
  • Internal Combustion Engines and Air Pollution Edward Fredrick Obert
  • Engineering Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines by Willard W. Pulkrabek 
  • Fundamentals of International Combustion Engines by H.N. Gupta 

Power Plant Engineering books 

  • Power Plant Engineering by P.K. Nag
  • Power Plant Engineering G.R. Nagpal 

Refrigeration and Building Mechanical Systems books 

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by Ahmadul Ameen 
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology by Bill Johnson, Bill Whiteman, John Tomczyck
  • Refrigeration by Hundi 

Fluid Machinery books 

  • A textbook of fluid Mechanics by R.K Rajput 
  • Fluid Mechanics and hydraulic Machines by S.C. Gupta 
  • A textbook of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines by R.K. Bansal 

Aerodynamics books

  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics by John Anderson (great for fundamental knowledge)
  • Fundamentals of Flight by Richard S. Shevell 

Fluidics books 

  • Fluid Power with application by Anthony Esposito (Good book)

Control Engineering books 

  • Control Systems Engineering by Norman Nise (Best Mechanical Engineering book for control engineering . Its solution is also available)

Automobile Engineering books 

  • Automotive Mechanics by William H. Crouse (great book for learning)
  • A Textbook of Automobile Engineering by R.K. Rajput 

These Mechanical Engineering books are available in hardcover , paperback and pdf format. These books can brought from These are the most renowned books for mechanical engineering. 

Special: Mechanical Engineering Books ( pdf and hard copy) for Basic Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering is a vast subject. Its like a ocean. But many talented writers have written books with titles like basic mechanical engineering or Introduction to Mechanical Engineering. These books cover some core topics of Mechanical Engineering. It is great work and we should salute these writers for their endeavor.
Now, I am giving names of some of these books. These Mechanical Engineering books will help you to have a basic knowledge about different topics before going into depth. These books will be helpful for the first semester students as well as complete engineers.  These books are -

  • Comprehensive Basic Mechanical Engineering by R.K. Rajput 
  • Mechanical Engineering By Khurmi and Gupta 
  • Basic Mechanical Enginnering By R.K Singal 
  • Basic Mechanical Engineering By Basant Agarwal. 
There are many more courses on ME dept. I will update list of mechanical engineering books time to time and also add new subjects. Mechanical Engineering book can be read through google books which gives students and researchers opportunity to read different books online. Please write your review and share your knowledge about these ME books. Thanks ! 


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